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Swings-A-Round takes pride in our community and would love to help you in your fundraising needs.  We know that charitable donations are a part of being a good corporate citizen. Being a family owned and operated small business in the St. Louis area for the past 25 years, we're proud that our charitable contributions compare favorably to similar and even larger sized companies. Because our emphasis is on providing good, clean wholesome family fun Swing-A-Round receives thousands of requests for donations each year. In response to these requests, we have developed criteria to help us best serve the youth organizations in need of our assistance.

Our Philosophy on Charitable Contributions 
Since Swings-A-Round receives thousands of requests every year we have developed a criteria to guide us through this process.

  • Our hearts go out to the many very deserving groups, families and individuals who are in need of assistance.  Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every request we receive- we are simply too small of a company.  We do not contribute to individuals for their pursuit of individual goals or for their personal tragedies.  We limit our responses to non-profit youth organizations ( i.e. schools, church youth groups, scouts, youth athletic organizations, etc.).

  • Due to the large amount of requests WE DO NOT MAIL DONATIONS. They will have to be picked up at the Fenton Location.

Looking for additional ways to make your organization money?!? Swing-A-Round Fun Town offers the perfect venue for fund raising events!  We have a wide range of activities to ensure that everyone is happy. We are not a “mega park” so your group enjoys all the fun without getting lost in the crowds. With over 20 years experience in fun, Swing-A-Round has hosted over 1,000s of picnics, parties, and team building events. Our picnics range from 20 to 900 guests and have included such companies as Maritz, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and St. Louis Realtors Association.

Please feel free to call today to discuss our fund raising events or for a tour of the park!

Please fill in the following information and we will review your request and someone from our team will contact you shortly. 


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